Guidelines for Rural Water & Sanitation

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1Guideline for Management of CBO and Beneficiary Training
Annex 1 - Categories of CBO Training - Ver. 2
Annex 6 - Payment of Resources personnel


View [PDF - 84KB]

View [PDF - 13.8KB]

View [PDF - 15.2KB]
2Guideline for Procurement of Office Equipment for CBOs/ CBO Forums
Expenditure Statement Format

View [PDF - 58.3KB]

View [PDF - 8.24KB]
3Guideline for Handing Over Waster Supply SchemeSinhalaView [PDF - 2.82MB]
4Guideline for Calculating O&M Cost and Tariff Rates for Rural WSSsEnglishView [PDF -143KB]
5Guideline for Preparation of Handing Over Dossier
Annex 1 - Sample Contents

View [PDF - 36.8KB]

View [PDF - 18.3KB]
6Guideline for Management of Water Supply Schemes for CBOs
Annex 1

View [PDF - 10.5MB]

View [PDF - 9.84MB]
7Guidelines for Preparation of Pre-Feasibility Reports (Urban Schemes and Small Towns) EnglishView [PDF - 129KB]
8Guidelines for Estimating Capital Costs For Village Schemes EnglishView [PDF - 127KB]
9Cost Sharing in Rural Water Supply ProjectsEnglishView [PDF - 121KB]
10Guidelines for Community Participation in Implementation of Urban Water SupplyEnglishView [PDF - 161KB]
11Field Manual for Technical Assistants – Volume 2 Reporting Formats to be Used During Planning Stage - Village Sub Projects EnglishView [PDF - 151KB]
12Guidelines for Source Identification and Flow Measurements, Rural SchemesEnglishView [PDF - 77.1KB]
13Preparation of MapsEnglishView [PDF - 31.7KB]
14Guidelines for Preparation of District Maps for Divisional Level Workshop and for Water Resources PlanningEnglishView [PDF - 219KB]
15Guidelines for Public Awareness CampaignEnglishView [PDF - 140KB]
16Guidelines for Quality Control of Construction Works, Rural Water SupplyEnglishView [PDF - 114KB]
17Guidelines for Planning and Implementation of Village Sanitation ProgrammesEnglishView [PDF - 178KB]
18Guidelines for Source Identification and Flow Measurements, Rural SchemesEnglishView [PDF - 70.6KB]
19Source Protection and Catchment Conservation - Training Manual for Partner Organisations EnglishView [PDF - 462KB]
20Guidelines for Sub-Project Development -Vol. 2 (Village Participatory Planning Process) EnglishView [PDF - 199KB]
21Technical Catalogue, Rural Water Supply & Sanitation
A Handbook for DIUs, POs, CBOs and Rural Communities for use by DIUs, POs and Rural Communities
EnglishView [PDF - 297KB]
22Guide lines for Test Pumping of Shallow and Deep Wells EnglishView [PDF - 216KB]
23Guidelines for Institutional Water Supply & Sanitation ComponentEnglishView [PDF - 121KB]
24Guidelines for Land Acquisition and Implementation of the National Involuntary Resettlement PolicyEnglish
View [PDF - 1.10MB]
View [PDF - 1.17MB]
View [PDF - 1.07MB]

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